Fields closing down again

Heard that Fields will be shutting down once again this month at some point. Anyone else hear this?

Have we ever had a franchise shut down 3 TIMES in the same city?

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I want a refund on these beans before they close down.

Just to bug someone I knew at our local Fields, I banged and old flipflop on the counter and groaned "I paid $4 for these just last summer, and look…"
She told me that wasn’t funny. She’s heard complaints like that every day.
Maybe you’ll get a Red Apple, they’re popping up all over. Exactly the same, even the supply chain. Keep you in stale candy.

They’re closing at the end of the month as told to me by a store employee.

Bummer. Sorry to hear this. It is nasty when people lose their jobs. Stiles closed at the end of August.

Restaurants closing /Fields closing … shitty run down buildings in town …yup Rupert is booming .

If you judge the success of Prince Rupert by that run-down, poorly managed, Fields store, you should reconsider. Perhaps with it closing (again) it will open up an opportunity for something new to open here.

We already have a Red Apple here. Th Bargain Shop is owned by Red Apple.

You must like hanging around sketchy places and poorly run shops…

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Yeah sure , just like how things have opened up in other places in that mall

A ray of sunshine on this forum…


Hey I’m only speaking the truth and really I don’t care if you like it or not

Right. I’ve held off until now on commenting on your stuff. Most of your posts are negative. My two cents worth whether you like it or not.

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Like those loud and angry American evangelist pastors…


You’re speaking your truth. It’s not mine. I see lots of positive things happening around Prince Rupert. You just have to be willing to see it.