Feds wipe out medical travel deductions

Here is the link to the Terrace Standard bclocalnews.com/bc_north/ter … 08944.html
Sure NHA has the bus run, but does it really benefit (cost/patient)? That does not include over night in PG if one has to go to Vancouver. The expenses for medical treatment is high and bet there are many out there who will not travel due to low funds, guess that does not go into reports. Many just do not want to battle with the dragon and with no battle, everything is fine. Reality, doctors do know their patients and know the lack of services we have, and perhaps cannot comment and go with status quo. Perhaps councils in the NW can do their own survey and find out the real facts of the health of the people here and what services are still needed.

It is my hope that the communities will come together and stand together. The cost of living west of PG is high and no Northern Living Allowance is terrible. After being up in NE BC and with all the services and goods one can receive a lot lower and access, they do get the Northern Living Allowance. Honestly I do not get how these decisions are made. Guess those who do, have not lived in our area and have had the experience.