Federal ministers announce $223,000 for Prince Rupert Airport

Interesting to see funds given for a snowplow, I thought a fire truck out on Digby Island would be important?  Wonder if anyone from the city let the Federal government know that too?  Don’t get me wrong, it is always good to see Federal funds flow this way, but really what are the priorities? 

I wonder what others are thinking?  What are your thoughts?  :smile:

Well not having anyone over there to use a fire truck perhaps the city felt it wasn’t required, though I still don’t understand why they just didn’t shift the one recently sold off and destined for Central America…

A snowplow is useful however, since we do on occasion get some of that material on our ground

Due to insurance, the trucks being sold cannot be used as first responder trucks in Canada because of age.

We need a small snack bar over there especially when you are waiting for the bus to pick you up.  Could make a few dollars !  Are there vending machines ?  I never noticed.

there are vending machines and one of those coffee dispensers that spits out brown water :smiley:

There is a forth crane ordered for the port for this fall.

small cities like Rupert have convinced the Federal Transport Minister that we don’t need a fire truck at the airport, so it is not a requirment for us to have one, I think they had one there up to last year and then removed it because of the new rules not needing one

They should outfit a firetruck with a plow on the front and kill two birds with one stone.

Good point Logboom!!!  Do you think anyone will take notice of your suggestion?  :astonished:

Anyone know if there is any fire-suppression vehicles on Digby in the event the plane crashes and bursts into flames?

I do believe that’s a valid question given the firetruck has been sold. Or did I miss something?  :unamused:

Forget snow lets get jet service back.

While a useful thought, one not particularly steeped in reality at the moment.

The population is going to require a serious uptick beyond our current levels before that idea ever flies (pardon the pun) again.

Not many communities in the 12000 and less category have jet service these days, the regional feeder system being what it is.

If our airport was more easily accessible perhaps we could have become the regional airport for the region owing to our more reliable weather patterns, but alas, as the sign on the Terrace airport self proclaims they seem to have claimed that title,

More likely to see West jet and such in there before here I’m afraid, too bad, but that seems to be the way it is at the moment.

I do believe that the firetruck that was sold was the fire suppression system.  Not much sense have a system there that no-one is trained/qualified to operate.
I’m guessing if a plane catches fire, it’s gonna be a write-off.  Hopefully everyone get’s off.  If it’s major, usually everyone dies, no matter how close the firetruck/crew are.

Morel of the story.  Don’t Crash.

Jet service back would be nice for sure!

Only if you can convince Jazz Air that we’re all willing to pay more for the aging and kerosene guzzling CRJ-100/200s.