Federal government backs out of PNCIMA

The Federal Conservative government has decided to withdraw its support for the Pacific North Coast Integrated Area Management Initiative (PNCIMA), a process that began in 2009 to create a comprehensive plan to manage the environmental and economic needs of the North Coast from the top of the Haida Gwaii to the top of Vancouver Island. The reason for the government’s abandonment of the almost three years of planning and negotiations with local, provincial and First Nations governments is because they believe that PNCIMA has become too heavily influenced by US-funded environmentalist groups.

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That’s the problem right there. If they were being influenced by US-funded industry groups, there wouldn’t be an issue.

Perfectly ok for the federal government to be influenced by the US government, and by US industry, though. Even to the point of US interests writing legislation. Thanks to the latest batch of wikileaks cables for that revelation.