Federal Court of Appeal quashes construction approvals for Trans Mountain, leaving project in limbo

time for Eagle Spirit to go proactive and push their pipeline, if I am right they have most of the bands signed up from here to Alberta so no consultation necessary, they can get either Enbridge or even Kinder Morgan to partner up with them

It will certainly be interesting to see how this plays out. I think you’re correct. This isn’t over.

I’ve always wondered if having First Nations-owned (or partially-owned) pipelines was a way around being liable for environmental damage.

If there’s a spill on First Nations land, and the band owns (or part-owns) the pipeline, who do they go after for compensation?

Seriously think people will support a NEW pipeline and NEW oil port? You’re dreaming in technicolour.
You’re gonna see a rush to Supreme Court and/or a Bill of Parliament to ram KM through.

Horgan had it right a long time ago.( so hard for me to say that )Pre election.
The federal government will need to throw more money at the assessment to address a few things. I don’t see it being timely affair.
That aquifer issue is a big one.

Eagle Spirit may want to look North of the border for support.

GOTTA ship that oil out, HAVE TO!!!
Can’t use it here, no way, don’t even think of it, my way or the highway, you’re nuts to even think of it wah wah wahhhh!!!
Got all these lemon trees we have to get rid of these lemons somehow! What’s the fact we import all our lemonade got to do with anything?

We export more refined products than we import.
The refineries we have aren’t running anywhere near capacity. ( 80%)
And the people buying our oil aren’t interested in our gas and diesel.
I dunno, not claiming to know much about exporting oil.

Speaking of nuts, Overwaitea have these bbq cashews in small bags ( western family grab and go) that are highly addictive.
I may need help.

Yeah everyone says they aren’t interested in our gas and diesel. American Gulf Coast refined product is so much better. Matter of fact they’re refining and exporting OUR oil as gas and diesel. Guess this means China isn’t interested in raw oil either:

In 2017, 1,767,672 tonnes of crude petroleum were shipped from Vancouver, with 1,767,592 bound for the U.S. - or 99.99 percent. The remaining 80 tonnes were exported to China with an approximate market value of less than $40,000
And where does the gas and aviation fuel in the Lower Mainland come from? Or the oil for refineries on the East Coast?
C’mon man you’re just repeating the same tired excuses for doing things wrong.

after reading most articles about the ruling the federal government won about all the decisions except the major one and that is consultations with the coastal bands in vancouver, the one about the whales should be easy to fix, even the court said the consultations with the natives and the whale issues can be handled quickly, so if the liberals are serious about the pipeline you can probably see a 2 month or 3 month delay while they deal with the issues.

as for the environmentalists that celebrated the win where are they when Victoria dumps millions of litres of raw sewage into Juan De Fuca sound which also affects the whales? how come they haven’t started a campaign against that?

That argument about the sewage will soon be over once the sewage treatment plant is finished construction. Shouldn’t have taken this long to get one built.

In Soviet Russia, sewage argues about you.

but, but… her e-mails!