Favorite Motel Gone

I just found out from a friend that my ‘favorite motel’ in LacLaHash is no longer operating.
I have no idea of it’s name, but it had a huge satellite dish in front and the sign offered rooms from $17

So years ago, it caught the eye of my ex (!00% Scot blood) and we made the mistake of staying there. She was tired, the kids were little and completely hyped and there was nothing to do in the rain but watch one of the 4 channels on tv.
The room was clean, the bathroom a lovely chocolate brown down to the toilet and tub. I remember thinking someone could have explosive diarrhea in there and you couldn’t tell with enough Glade.
So the kids just would not go to sleep and I pulled my black sweatshirt over my head (Cornholio style) and leapt from the bathroom shouting “Mr Bogeyman says SLEEP or he’ll KILL YOU”, which the kids found hilarious.
Not so the ex, who screamed and leapt from bed and promptly when into one of her fits (oh she was good at that, could summon hypertensive fits at will) and after only after much persuasion did I get out of taking her to the Hospital in 100 Mile.

So we’re the only ones in the Motel. Until around 1:00 am, when they assign the room directly above us to a drunken party. That goes on and on, and calls to the desk are unanswered. Knocks on the manager’s door go unanswered.

We did manage a couple hours of sleep, and about 5:30 am we packed up to leave. I noticed some Jesus show on the tube so my son helped me turn the TV on it’s side pointing upwards, then we turned up the sermons full volume, locked the doors and drove away.

Well that sounds like a fun night Herbie.

I like how you turned the TV upside down. Hope all the preaching woke up the hungover partiers.

You probably mean:  Lac La Hache Motel on Cariboo Highway 97 near the lake of the same name (Lac La Hache)

You are correct. LacLaHash was the concoction my Mom cooked up when we were camping there once.
Became so infamous all the Scout & Guide troops in Burnaby referred to the dinner you made on the last night of camp (where you open all the last of the cans and toss them in a pot) as LacLaHash.

Later when we were older, it was more fun (without Leaders around) to smoke many doobies and toss the leftover cans in the bonfire and blow them up…