Fat 32 / OSX

To use a drive between windows xp / 2000 and mac osx. you have to format the drive on the windows box as a fat 32 right then the mac will see it … am i wrong or am i right. ?

Panther recognizes NTFS as well, I think.

But if the drive is on a windows box, just share it, and OS X can mount it. Or vice-versa.

Or do you mean like a drive you want to move back and forth, like a firewire/USB thing?

yeah it is a external 80gig hard drive usb 2.0 i don’t think it is panther on this other machine ill look tomorrow…

I think it should work my usb mem stick that is with me all the time is fat 32 and is reconized on this ibook of mine so i think the external hard drive will work with fat 32

Yes, that’s what the “as well” meant in my post :wink: