Fast Food

  Ok, so we now know that Pizza Hut is coming to town, and personally I believe that it will make the local so called pizza places look like, and taste like crap, mind you, they already taste like crap anyways, however we need a variety here in Rupert. I have been travellin to, and from Terrace quite a bit this past year, and to be honest, I actually look forward to eating out there, as we have had very little to offer in the fast food, and pizza industries.
  Does anyone else know what else is coming to town for sure??? I have heard that Quizno’s, and Boston Pizza both have looked into opening up in Rupert, is this true???

Quiznos has had ads in the paper looking for someone to buy the franchise, as has A&W.  I heard Boston Pizza was looking into the old DQ building… but I don’t know if that would be a good place for it… kind of a low ceiling if you ask me.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a better Steak House in town… like a Keg or Mr Mikes, or better yet, a Moxies or Milestones… something different that Terrace doesn’t already have would be nice.

I would also like to see The Keg or Mr. Mikes in Rupert or how about an Olive Garden franchise or a great pancake house :smiley:  We do need a good pizza place but Panago is not too bad and I still miss KFC and the Chicken Factory which was just closing its doors when I first moved to Rupert…At least I had the chance to taste what I would soon be missin’! I miss the Epicurean also…loved their fried cheese (spana…something or other, sorry, didn’t want to butcher the lingo!) and everyone who knows me knows it IS all about the cheese…none of that pork fat rules crap, it 's just the cheese…So, in a nutshell, pancakes, pasta and pizza…Works for me, just need a pancake I can slather cheese on!

You needn’t worry about your local pizza shop. Pizza Hut’s caters to people who respond to advertising and have no taste buds whatsoever. Sole redeeming feature is that you can sit there and eat a pizza, it’s not just takeout.
Try their meal deals. An entire six course meal of indistinguishable doughy things with the same bland, inoffensive tomato-ey sauce.
Isola Bella in the Fort makes better pizza.
We used to hit the Pizza Hut in North Burnaby all the time after Zappa or Zeppelin concerts at the old PNE Agradome. They didn’t care if you were drunk, stoned, gibbering and slobbering or puking. Beer was served until 1 am. No ID? Slip the waitress a deuce…

  • I HAD to go to the Pizza Hut in Terrace. The gf’s grandson loved it. He’s 5 and he wasn’t paying to eat shit. -

You insular Ruperites need to get out more often. Really…
News from the Mainlanders:
Panago is a renaming of the worst. Where you learn cheap and good don’t mean the same thing.
Keg is where you work, until you’re old enough to notice the staff parties and teenage work-lust is a ploy and you’re getting paid dick. You’re the one getting groped and snarled at and the useless dipshit they hired last week is getting a share of your tips.
Olive Garden is where you take Granma for dinner, unless she’s Italian. If she is expect to be tied to a cement block and tossed in the chuck if she kisses you.
KFC… what can you say? How can one end of a chicken wing at the pub be tice the size of a drumstick at KFC. Why are there never pigeons or gulls around a KFC?
Quizno’s: remember the waffle iron your Mom got for a wedding present and is still in the downstairs storeroom? Press half a Subway sandwich in one and charge a dollar more.
IHOP, Denny’s, Dutch Pannoekek: if you like greasy pigmeat. sugary starches and fried chicken menses in volume, rejoice in these places. Get used to hearing the waiters shout charging 330… CLEAR for some of their regular patrons.

Notice a pattern? The more you see it on TV the worse the food is in real life. The more the ads make it look “trendy” the less it really is. Even Earl’s and Moxies are places your boss takes you to on his expense account.

I sense a little negativity on your part herbie_popnecker…Bear in mind that we “insular” Rupertites don’t anticipate much so we languish in our small victories like the possibility of a Pizza Hut coming to our town…Hoorah for the pizza buffet where the main tastes similar to the dessert and we still feel the need to tip our waitress even though we retrieve our own meal and yes, I do know that is the meaning of a “buffet”!  Indistinguishable fare, you bet…just a quick carb fix, you bet, but can you picture Rupert with a franchise as “exotic” as Earls or the Keg? Not…  I’ll stay loyal to my old standbys, Breakers and Green Apple or even the Crest when I’m feeling “ritzy”…At least the waitresses deserve their tips!

Negativity from 20 years living where there isn’t a single franchise place. Wanting one desperately just so you know what your going to get will be the same every time, no surprises.
Negativity from bringing home a bucket of KFC, waiting to devour it all the way from Vanderhoof and as soon as you sink your teeth into it, realizing the chicken from PetroCan out on the rez is 1,000 tastier!
On the other hand as an employer, I give bonus to any any resume with a ref for over ayear at McDs or Wendys. Good training grounds. I doubt more than 3 kids in this town could handle a year at McDs…

What, you mean no one wants a Hooters??

Remember… unless we ship everyone in… they’d be picking RUPERT PEOPLE to work there.

uh, I was talking about the food, Smartass!

I mean, really. :wink:

Sure you were…

Their is not enough HOT & SEXY girls or women in this town to have a Moxies,Milestones,the Keg or Mr Mikes they will have to hire out of town for these places.

Ok - so you’re bickering about Pizza Hut vs Panago or other “fast food pizza joints”.  Are you serious?  Fast pizza is just that - if you want tasty, flavourful pizza - make it yourself at home on a fresh Bobboli crust.  :wink:

I’m happy to see more businesses come to Rupert - though I will always opt for Galaxy Gardens or Opa Sushi over pizza any day - my husband will readily take Pizza Hut.  Too bad none of the pizza places make super bland wings for me - I’m a complete wuss and LOVE the wings Pizza73 offers…can only hope Pizza Hut will offer similar I guess.  For the whole once a month we might order from there.

Tawk amungs y0selves, I’m gettin verclempt!

There must be some Up-and-Comers at the High Schools.  Real career girls, you know.

I know some people who would be interested in going back to the school’s to check out the potential…  In fact, they’re doing that already!

Pizza huts gonna be a while before it opens. You know how much aspestus they took outta there, My dad and his crew took out hundreds of bags of aspestus and contaminated things that were in that building.

Word is though that delivery will open before the store does. Like theyll cook your food and bring it to you but you can go inside the building and sit there and have a meal. Its spose to be done next month i think :confused: