Fast food restaurants

Y’all lak them frad taters?
Ah laks them frad taters, ahyeghmmm…

heh heh heh…don’t but that shit…heh heh heh …
Ya sorry ya’all I made an errorrrr , thanks J.C. your a good wing man…

Great…now I have the theme from Deliverance playing in my head… :smiley:


  That’s “Slingblade” hitest but thats OK… Not much difference there  :smiley:

Ha!  You’re right!  Damn…I can still hear the banjos, heh-heh:-)

All of Burger King’s stuff tastes like shite to me, we avoid it and KFC, which just tastes of salt. The only places we eat at are Wendy’s (the burgers taste like burgers and the variety is good) and occasionally A+W since I like the onion rings and we enjoy their rootbeer. I still have nightmares about the crappy food that the Rupert DQ was serving before they closed down…we have a DQ here and I can barely stand to walk in the door so my husband can buy a milkshake.

how bout extreme pita instead - that place is soooo good and not fried!!! I’d rather not see any more greasy food chains here…even a quiznos would add some variety!

i had no idea what extreme pita was untill now

taco del mar is good too

wendys wouldnt even make my top 20 for restaurants lol

Actually, I was thinking afterwards that this survey should be, “Which fast-food franchise should open in Prince Rupert?”, since yes, there is a difference between what we are asked to vote for and what I think of when I am asked what my favourite restaurant is. Fast-food is conveniant and quick, restaurants are not so fast, though my favourite Vietnamese place here (before tip) is not much more than a combo-meal selection each from any of the chains we are discussing right now.

You should try it!!! sooo yummy.  Theres one in PG near the The Bay.