Fast food restaurants

just want to know people think.

fatburger kicks all your choices. fast food joint that sells beer cant beat that  :smiley:

Fatburger is very good, but also quite a bit more expensive than the others. I think Burger King would be the best choice. I mean, where’s the closest one, Prince George?

Burger King is the best

Oh my effen goodness!

Is there any other American sprawl you’d like to import?

I’ll send you Sarah Palin  :smile:

Actually, I’m partial to Kua 'Aina–it’s this really good Hawaiian burger place that has toppings like pineapple, avocado or provolone cheese.  A bit expensive, but you get what you pay for.

Thank you, we appreciate the offer, but, we will pass on that one.  
McDonalds is bad enough.  :-D

Voting closes Sept 30.then what?
What is the point of your poll?
You should’nt even have Kentuky F’n Chicken up there…don’t but that shit people.

I like that Rupert has traditionally had very few chain/fast food restaurants.

Kentucky Bourbon, yes!

KFC?  I’d rather go tho the dentist.

We have to leave room for more beer and wine stores!

OMG you like Botulism King?
I’m still in shock after meeting a couple kids who like AAAARRRRBBBBB

Agreed.  When I was a teen living in Delta, BC I worked at KFC.  I couldn’t eat chicken for a decade.

  Would love to see an Olive Garden.  Yummy stuff and lots of it !!

I would like to see some kind of a buffet - salad bar kind of place, there is a steakhouse like that in smithers that has a good buffet, and salad bar, its kinda nice to be able to walk up, look and grab whatever you want

I’m kind of thinking My Two Cents means don’t buy that shit. It used to be sooooooooooo good when it first hit the public food chain many years ago. I have always wondered where the hell do they keep all these chickens. I guess they have grow-ops somewhere.
Nothing better then a good Dead Bird.

Looks like that bird already donated… :laughing:

Put me down for none of the above.

Maybe we could stop franchises like that east coast town did to “keep our originality.”

I’ll stick with PJs Chicken & Taters over KFC and Subway over McPuke’s.

I miss taters :frowning:

I like maverick chicken WAY better then pj’s.

I like the batter better (heh, bit of a giggle there)

AND there’s an option for white meat.