Fan dying

I’ve got an Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe motherboard and the chip set fan is starting to die on me.  Makes a grinding noise when the computer boots up, (sound disappears by the time its finished booting)  Now I found a replacement on the Asus site ( … &catid=135 ) but they are out of stock until April and I would prefer to get a new fan ASAP before my current one dies.  Anyone know where I could get an equivalent component, or a possible temporary fix for my current fan?

my condolences on your fan. I am truly heartbroken by your loss.  If there is anything you need please do let me know.  I’m here for you  :cry:

Yes turn the puter off, unscrew the 4 small screws from the fan, take the fan off the heat sink flip it over take that white sticker off of the back of the fan and put some oil into it, then put a piece of tape to cover the hole. this will solve it for now,

JAy your sooo smart man.  You should let me pimp you out …say 70-30? 
Seriously though your pretty helpful and are always willing to offer advice to fellow HTMF’ers.

Thanks man, I can when i want to be :smile: