What’s the west side like?

[quote=“Meowth”]PR Aerial shot.[/quote]

Yeah, Rupert would be a beautiful place if those huge words weren’t floating over it all the time. That is so fucked up. Can we at least change what it says?

Anyway, we found a place in Seal Cove. Is that nice? I hope so! Wow, that pic of PR is so beautiful…

I lived in the Seal Cove area a few years ago. It was in a house that overlooked the Sea Plane base. It’s a pretty nice area, fairly quiet, although I seem to recall a problem with barking dogs.

Is it Seal Cove Road or Seal Cove Circle?? The Circle is a nice place and you may have a water view. I lived in the Circle for a while too and it was great.

By the way, where you’ll be living is at the very far end of the city if you look at the picture.

Not to mention sea planes taking off at 5 am in the summer time.

1022 3rd Ave West - this guy Richard has a big cool house for rent, $650 a month. You should check it out. His phone # 627 6637