Fairview Phase II approved

BTDog’s prediction of a positive announcement about Fairview, no doubt based on careful attention to various news sources, was only out by a few weeks, and was a good call. Strange that such an important development either went off the radar or perhaps in some cases became mired in cynicism. Anyway, a positive announcement for sure:

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< thenorthernview.com/news/295677201.html >

they have been dredging the area since december so I guess the official announcement had to occur, which is good news for the city now we just have to wait for Petronas

Great news for our town. :smile:

This is a bit of a joke… phase ll was a much larger project to the south of the existing terminal,not this very small extension of phase l.Just call it phase l and a half.

They will need twice the workforce for the 4 new cranes once they are installed.

Are you ever happy about anything in Prince Rupert. You are still living here complaining ?

While the negativity is unwarranted his comment is accurate.
Phase 2 originally was a massive undertaking to the south of the terminal.
IIRC due to several factors (cost) it was decided to explore a smaller expansion to the north that they name phase 1.1 (again, IIRC).
It seems to me though that they increased the size of the northern expansion; 1.42 TEU’s total from an original design of 500,000 TEU’s is a considerable increase in capacity considering the original phase 2 had a projected capacity of 2.2 million TEU’s (yet again- IIRC).
So they renamed their project, so what.
They could have named it anything they want and we still get a considerable investment in the community and the jobs it will provide both short term and long; kudos to Maher Terminals!

The only difference is the amount of storage for TEU’s. Its still a second berth with 4 cranes.