Fahrenheit 911

Has anybody seen it yet?

I’m watching it now, but I want to yell at the guy in front to sit down.

Is it going to come here? The commercial said coming to select cities, are we a select city?

If it doesn’t come, the film society will probably show it in the fall.

Some one could always just burn it an hand it out to all the people around town LOL

The copy I have is two VCDs, basically.

i really enjoyed bowling for columbine so it’s a must that i see it :smile:

I’m through half of it already, and man, it’s good.

Nothing new, nothing we don’t already know, especially if you watch CBC.

But the presentation of it is very effective.

Ok, finished watching it, pretty good stuff. Absolutely nothing new, but good presentation. Pretty much preaching to the converted to have it shown in Canada. Anybody who’s been watching the Canadian or other non-American media will already know everything in this film.

I would guess that it will come to DVD long before we get it in the theatre here. I read somewhere they are rushing it to DVD in September so that it can get out to everyone before the next presidential election.


15,000 on the torrent i got off suprnova.
3000 on another torrent.



also ten years after! ye yea! good tune for the trailer.

Wag the dog is on tonight 344 on starchoice. The first time I saw this movie I taught “Man, it’s impossible that the spin doctors have so much power and so little morals”. However, after reading and or listening to stuff about the Bush connection to the Bin Laden, I starting to be convinced.

deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole.