Fahrenheit 451

Anyone Read this book? What do you people think of it?


I think it should be burned!

Rules.  Ray Bradbury is the shiznit!  Very much in the 1984/BNW sort of apocalyptic, allegorical SF.  All very applicable to what is happening in the world today too, if you still have enough brain cells left to understand allegory, metaphor, simile and crap like that.  Though none of those authors could have predicted the Internet and the effects it has had on culture and the perception of the world…their theories are coming true in wierd ways none of them could have foreseen…newspeak, soma, anti-intellectualism…I like Bradbury’s short stories as well…

Be ignorant, be a fucking moron…you’ll have more friends and life will be so much easier to understand.

I wish I was still ignorant… although by most people’s accounts on here, I am…

Little do they know.

As long as all my friends are ignorant, fucking morons so we’ll understand one another  :roll:  :roll:

Well, if you’re discussing Fahrenheit 451, its probably too late for you…and you may have already instilled the glimmer of thought in your friends as well!