So I got up this morning and found that I had a message, facebook message from a relative and I must confirm I know them, I tried to but I keep getting Application not found , message. What the hell do I do now…please someone

was it in your inbox ? because if so it normally stays there unless you delete it. if it was one of the applications it normally stays unless you block or ignore it.


Try this link:


Remember that you have to add this application in order to dump your relatives into it.

Good luck.

Thank you Cst. I tried it and I still get the same message saying Application not found, piss me off.

another motivational poster…

ahahahahah nice


Darn.  Well, then try this one.

Make sure that you are logged in, and at the top right, under the search engine, type in “related”.  On my results, the application is the the first one there at the top of the list.  Poke around at that one and see if you can see the application prompt.  It worked for me on my Firefox.

Good luck.

I am thinking it may be something wrong with this system of mine and I am thinking that it could be my Trend Micro Internet Security bullshit that is forever scanning. I may bring it into Data Boy because even got a job posting but could not open, same message " Application not found".

Thank you Dex for the help on my facebook yesterday and the new program Fire fox. Good to see you both and the boots fit well.