Facebook mobile "the content of this message cannot be displayed"

So the wife and I tried to activate the facebook mobile and I’m not sure this is a citywest problem or a bell problem.

we both can not receive our activation code. says “the content of this message cannot be displayed”

I noticed I also cant get text messages from friends on the roger network?

I noticed a few of you have activated it on your phones, are you with citywest?

is there a work around the problem?


Are they Citywest phones?  Have you asked Citywest?  Have you messed with your phones’ language or character set or codepage settings?

I had no problem with facebook SMS on Rogers, Speakout, Citywest, and Fido.  But now I just use the iPhone mobile version, which doesn’t do SMS, it just connects directly.

hi MiG
thanks I was able to figure out the problem I was using threaded text messaging app and that was causing the problem!!

damn … :smiley:

so I was able to activate mobile but cant update the mobile uploads.

when i send a email from my phone to mobile@facebook.com i get

looked around but have not found any solution’s yet!

Works for me.  I set up a special e-mail address that I send a photo to, and it bounces it to a bunch of places (flickr, facebook, blogger, vox, my mom, etc). 

What kind of phone are you sending from?  Did you try MMS instead of e-mail?

Is the e-mail address you’re sending from the same one you registered on facebook?

citywest Mig and Its with the bell htc 6800, it has no MMS.

So when you send an e-mail to facebook, is it from the address you have registered on facebook?

yes MiG is that a problem?

I don’t think it’s going to work.  You either need to send it with MMS, or it has to recognize it as coming from your phone.  Facebook doesn’t seem to recognize the e-mail as coming from your phone.

ya I changed the email setting on Facebook and still having the same problem o well I can use shozu instead…

Yeah, the problem seems to be that facebook doesn’t think it’s actually coming from your phone.  It thinks it’s just coming from a normal e-mail client.

Do you still have an iPod Touch?  Does it have any photos on it?  Try sending one of the photos from the iPod Touch to the facebook mobile address, and see what happens.  Use the normal iPod Touch e-mail program (not the facebook one), and just attach the photo.  ie: select a photo in your photo album and send it to the facebook address.  Again, make sure your return address matches your registered facebook address.

If that works, then it’s the HTC that isn’t supported.