Extreme Makeover

Um, I’m pretty much done eh… some touch ups here and there, but meh… enough work for this goose. Paint was completely the wrong color. (To late to go back and fix it now)
11:01PM night shot at 1sec shutter… almost looks normal.

All that’s missing is the eye moving back and forth in the front.

That was an eye?

Jesus, I dunno, I always figured it was one of those Cylon eyes from Battlestar Gallactica.

aparently there is a place in the states that will do the whole knight rider conversion. complete with cylon eye in the front and the green lights on the gass pedal

Cylons are cool. The world would be a much better place if Cylons were running the minority government.

you mean they arent?

It’s hard to see in the picture, but I forgot to tape up the signal indicators in the front air scoops. Nobody can order replacement lenses, so I need to clean them. I have some acetone, leftover reducer and other misc. chemicals in the garage. Any idea what I should try and use? The lenses were kinda dirty, so I figure the shit should come off fairly easily. Melting them is my only concern at this point.

are they plastic or glass covers?

I just seen Landon and his car today. It looks pretty damn good to me.

Plastic. I soaked them in solvent/paint thinner and nothing happened. Tried brake fluid and a scrub bud and that didn’t do it either. Finally I soaked them in Acetone… the paint peeled instantly and they wiped clean. My signals are ORANGE again!

Green is an ugly colour.

Try using Mag Wheel Polish…

It might not get the paint off, but it’ll totally get all the grime off.

You’re an ugly color, shut the hell up.

You should get some pics so you can really see the colour.

I’m sure you’ve all seen it. Here’s a pic the day after she was sprayed. It looks pretty much the same right now… the black scoop grills and licenseplate thing are in and whatever. Thought I would finally post something.

Installed a couple subs yesterday cuz those Audio & Video Unlimited guys are closing their Smithers store. I’ll be sad to see em go. Pisss, I may aswell post a picture of them too. Maybe I shouldn’t… you fucking thievs.

Notice the UBER hiding job… hehe. left over carpet + a piece of 1/4 plywood I found under the house, sans spiders.

Anyone wanna buy a green firechicken? hehe… or trade for 4x4? Blazers with broken axles don’t count Jason.

Oh, the new HTMF design kicks ass by the way. I absolutely love it…

So you’re back from Babine? How was the outback?

Pretty warm. Our thermometer down on the weir was reading 44 celcius the one day and 21.8 for river temp. That was an insane day. It isn’t very often you can jump into that river and not feel cold. I took my shirt off for part of a shift (1 hour or so) with a big hat shading my neck and I roasted my chest/stomach… Still peeling from it. Try working in direct sunlight with a bad sunburn for 5 more days :wink: As far as wildlife and such goes… There was fuck all for sockeye while I was there… bears were fairly scarce. Our buddy griz returned for the salmon run and there were a few other griz/black bears kicking it around the bridge. On the drive in I saw a lil black bear cub ripping around on the road. He would have fit in my backpack, pretty cute. Fishing sucked… too windy to bother trying to fish with a dry fly, and nothing other than trout was open. Dont’ get me wrong, there was a ridiculous amount of trout… just nothign worth taking pics of. Mike and Darren were out a week or so before I arriver and they slayed soem nice sized ones… Some bigger than the average sockeye. So that’s how that went… Nice to off the gillnets/sienes for a bit. Apparently there were a lot of dickheads out on the grounds while I was away… I didn’t miss my Rupert job at all… Especially when I return to find out I’ll be layed off in a few days. It’s always nice to hear it from a co-worker rather than your boss. I could bitch all day about some of the things that happen in my workplace.

I hear your wicked van finally broke down or something… details?

Yeah the aluminium shafting around the gear shift, broke. I couldn’t put it into park. So we had to ditch it on Water Street. My mom came with me the next day and some how I don’t know she got it into some forward gear and got it to Franks.