Extreme Makeover

Could it look any worse right now? haha

More images here

I wonder if the before and after will back up the title :wink: I hope the paint turns out, once i’m done with this crap.

Whoaahh!!! that’s cool… :stuck_out_tongue:

what are you having done to it?


Overhauled sucks, any watch the first episode of Pimp My Ride. Man my new favorite car thanks to that show is a 1988 Daihatsu Hi-Jet.

I’m turning it into KITT… you know, off of Knight Rider.

Actually, I have been straigtening panels, removing dents and stuff like that. I’m not 100% decided on a color yet, but I think I’ll do it in the Pontiac deep green. I’m sure some of you have seen the gorgious GTA in town in the same color. Anyhow, if the paint turns out well, and I decide to hang onto the car for a while… A 350 will probably find new life under the hood, and perhaps if the block is in good shape I’ll spend the money on a 383 stroker kit. That and some original GTA rims with 255s. For now, I plan to paint it on Sunday, and that’s about all for now.

sounds good, keep up the pics

The color I have decided I like is the 2003 GM Forest Green Pearl Metallic. Now, whether or not that color will find its way onto the car is still up in the air. Apparently pearls, and more specifically metallics, are extremely difficult to use. Today I wet sanded the hood, a fender and the front nose down to 400grit. The roof is done, and so is all of the filler/straightening. I’ll probably be at the shop all night, and most of tomorrow… Hoping to paint this thing on Sunday morning. ANYWAY, here are some pics of 1991 Pontiac Firebird (same make/model/year as mine) in a color I can only think to be GM 2003 Forest Green Pearl Metallic. If not, they’re very close, and I think it looks sharp.

[quote=“orangetang”]… they’re very close, and I think it looks sharp.

I agree. If your car remotely looks like the ones above, you will make heads turn.



No, Extreme Makeover.

So, It’s not getting painted until sometime in the week. I’ll post pics when it’s done… If nayone has pictures of nice lookign 1991 Firebirds, post em here. I’m still open to new color ideas.

How can you go wrong with blue black pearl with go faster flames on the side?

Sounds pricey :wink: and reminds me of a nice 4th gen. camaro drag race I have on my machine somewhere… If only I had the moeny to build fast 4th gens. Fast, being under 10 second 1/4 mile.

cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayI … gory=40017

My fave movie i have on my computer would be a nissan skyline with 1100 hp awd machine talking about fast OH YEAH>>!!! or the honda civic pushing 740hp : O )

Are thoes pictures that you posted above your car landon ?

The one at the very top of the page, yes.

Lots of work eh… : O )

[quote=“jleaman”]My fave movie i have on my computer would be a nissan skyline with 1100 hp awd machine talking about fast OH YEAH>>!!! or the honda civic pushing 740hp : O )

Are thoes pictures that you posted above your car landon ?[/quote]

I’ve seen pictures of a Pontiac Sunfire with a mostly stock engine (2.2L Ecotec) that had just over 1000hp and was running the 1/4 in under 8 seconds.

id rather have the skyline still… AWD oh yeah…

Here’s a fresh article about another Ecotec powered supercar:

[quote]Hoyos Sets Pro FWD National Record In Chevy Cavalier;
Kubo Uses Ecotec Power To Post Speed Record

MORRISON, Colo., June 12, 2004 - After driving his Ecotec-powered Chevy Cavalier to the quickest pass by a Pro FWD competitor in NHRA Sport Compact Drag Racing, one can expect Nelson Hoyos to feel a mile high. The Hollywood, Fla., native made an impressive 7.786-seconds pass at 188.60 mph to claim the No. 1 qualifying spot and set a national elapsed-time record in Pro FWD for tomorrow’s eliminations at the inaugural NHRA Sport Compact Nationals at Bandimere Speedway just outside of Denver.

Just as impressive as the record run in the always-challenging high altitudes of the Rocky Mountains was the fact that Hoyos posted his mark on the very first of today’s three qualifying passes down the quarter-mile strip. He then backed up the time to claim the national record on his third and final qualifying run with a nearly identical elapsed time of 7.789 seconds. This is the second consecutive NHRA Sport Compact Drag Racing event that Hoyos has claimed the top spot in Pro FWD, matching his No. 1 qualifying effort at Atco (N.J.) Raceway last month.

“That just felt wonderful,” said an obviously excited Hoyos. "We wanted that so bad. After running that first 7.78, we said we have got to back this thing up before we go into eliminations. We knew we’d be going into eliminations with a lot more confidence, and obviously even have an opportunity to do it better in eliminations. So the quicker we backed it up, the better it was going to be for us. And here we go and back it up almost to the thousandth. That’s fantastic. These guys just did a great job.

“We came here on Wednesday to do some testing because we didn’t have any high-altitude data,” said Hoyos, the 2003 Pro FWD champion. "Wednesday we had to cut it short because the rain clouds really came in, but we had made some good, solid 8.00 runs, so we thought we were at least in the hunt. On Thursday we came out and ran solid, back-to-back 8.00 runs at 185 mph, so we thought we were getting this perfected. If we look at everybody else that is about two or three tenths off, then those are stellar runs for us. So we were very confident coming in, but to run this 7.78, this is just enormous for us. At sea level, that could well have been a run in the .50s.

“We definitely learned some things from testing. There were some specific things that we changed to correct for the altitude and the barometers, and boy they worked exactly the way we thought they would and it showed in the results. First time out of the gate and the car worked great. The guys have just really been doing a great job. They’re really hustling. We need to go off on the pole, and we need to win this event just for them.”

Lisa Kubo was not going to let Hoyos take all the spotlight and used the Ecotec power in her Saturn Ion to claim the Pro FWD national record for speed. The current Pro FWD points leader qualified second with an elapsed time of 8.066 seconds at 191.00 mph. She backed up her speed for the national record on her third and final qualifying run with a speed of 189.79 mph.

“I guess it’s fitting that one of us has the speed record and the other one has the e.t. record, considering how we’ve battled each other all year long,” said Kubos. “We had three good, consistent runs, they just weren’t quite quick enough.”

In HOT ROD, Marty Ladwig was No. 1 qualifier in his Pontiac Sunbird for the third time this season with an elapsed time of 8.331 seconds at 172.19 mph. Ladwig started the 2004 NHRA Sport Compact season with consecutive HOT ROD class poles, at the season-opener at Fontana (Calif.) and at the next event at Moroso Motorsports Park in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., and the 2003 HOT ROD champ currently sits No. 1 in the points standings

“It was a good day,” said Ladwig. “I’m real happy with the car. We were just real consistent and things are good.”

Television coverage of the NHRA Sport Compact Nationals can be seen on ESPN2 on Thursday, July 1, starting at 2:30 p.m. (ET), and 30 minutes of event coverage will re-air on ESPN2 on Sunday, July 11, at 2:30 a.m. (ET).[/quote]