Extreme cold weather!

As you’re no doubt aware the temperatures has dropped a lot. To avoid freezing pipes it’s a good idea to run your cold water tap a bit in a downstairs bathroom. If you can heat your basement a bit.
Stay safe!

Hi from Alberta!

Dude! That’s nuts! :slight_smile:

-30 here inland, everyone posting pics of their thermometers bottoming out below -40 last night. No wind to speak of.
First time in 9 yrs I’ve had to plug in the Jeep…

Here’s the view from Shoppers Drug Mart parking lot this morning. Ice Fog! Click and scroll up for the video :slight_smile: -38ºC when I launched the drone.

Someone posted a text supposedly from the Govt of Alberta asking people to turn off their lights and turn down the heat to avoid rolling electrical blackouts.
True? Or just another EV hater troll? Seemed to be a lot of those on FB today.
See the guy in Edmonton having to sit in his Tesla recharging for 1/2 an hour at -45?
With all the charging stops it took 3 times as long to drive from Kamloops to Regina!

Yup, emergency alert was real.

Had an immediate effect. Here’s the power usage graph for the province:

Nothing to do with the renewables, no matter how they spin it. There were two GAS power plants that were offline. Meanwhile the government has put a moratorium on new energy projects, because they’re not oil. 60 billion or so in new projects just waiting, because they all happen to be “green” projects.

Last time we had one of these alerts was in the summer, and at that time we had 4 gas power plants offline.

Alberta’s “free market” energy system is a disgrace. It’s more expensive, and there is no competition. Just profit, profit, profit. Not a free market at all. Just a captive one.

Yes, Saw it on the news last night. It’s all Trudeau’s fault. Lucky to have a Premier that can see what’s coming and do everything she can to make it worse.

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