Expelled from Expelled

Funny stuff!


Read to the end for the ironic twist!

Thank god for wikipedia.


To figure out the twist! (I had no idea who Dawkins is)

Oh, sorry :wink:  He’s pretty much the anti-creationist.  His latest book is awesome, as it makes a solid argument that humans have evolved a hard-wired predisposition for religion (and voodoo and ghosts and superstition, etc). 

If you haven’t read any Dawkins, it’s good shit.  Very accessible, yet not dumbed down.

Start with The Selfish Gene if you can. 

This is hilarious! 

8 videos of him on my server mig, check them out. I liked “The virus called faith” definatly one his better ones

You’se guys is gonna burn in Hell for talking like that today…

I had a steak for dinner. 

So did I…
Gramma would’ve been aghast! Fish on Friday has become a distant memory.

I wonder if Obama went to church today?  :imp:

He was not at church, not at church, not at church . . .

erm sorry, I couldn’t get this Youtube video out of my head =\

it’s a video, of an edited video of Obama, saying “I did not go to church, did not go to church, did not go to church”

it was more of a song really . . .