Has anyone tried this program out for downloading? i was looking for a good program. i dont have any… if anyone has any ideas on what to use plz tell me!!



eXeem isn’t very good yet. It’s hard to download, and it’s full of spyware. Stick to using bittorrent through multiple sites, or download Ares… it works great for me.

Agreed… Ares and BT.

Yea i tend to find everything on Ares… from Movies, to foreign music.

<3 Ares.

Have u tried e donkey? is ares faster? i get about 100k peak on edonkey, and usualy find everything i want to

Last 4 days I havn’t been able to get connected to Ares… so I tried downloading that edonkey then I can’t even get connected to that one?

Anyone have any ideas?

For some strange reason, I haven’t been able to connect to Ares for the past week or so. It always says “connecting” but never actually connects. Any ideas?

Same, ares hasn’t worked for me for a long time, whenver I try to search, no results show.

If your looking for music, soulseek is real fine. eXeem is poop.

Yeah, what’s up with that?! I thought that was just mine. Ares has been down for a while. Can’t download any music…it’s a piss off.

I had that problem, try updating.

ooooh that worked! Thanks!

Notta problem. It appears they release a new version like twice a month, so you gotta keep on those updates. Unfortunately they don’t notify you that’s the reason or when new updates are released.

Well that’s just dumb. They should be pushy like MSN and announce it as soon as there’s another version available.