Excel question - naming columns

I need help!  How do you name the columns A,B,C,D, etc across the top of the page so that the column names are seen as you scroll down the document?  I have named A1, B1, C1, etc but as I scroll down I can’t see it.  I know there has got to be a way, help!


I just re-learned this myself.

If you want the column headings to stay in view - select the row below the headers - click on “Window”  and select “Freeze Panes”.

If you want row headings to stay in view - select the column to the right of the desired headings and repeat procedure.

I have not, however, figured out how to freeze both columns and rows at the same time…anyone?

Thank you!  I knew there had to be a way :smile:

Hopefully this’ll work:
Unfreeze any cells first, then click on the cell to the right of the first named row and below the first named column. Then try freezing panes. Should work as long as that cell has been clicked on.