Evga e-geforce 7800gtx 550mhz 512mb 850mhz 256bit gddr3 sli


This card beat the new ATi 1800xt in every test. Not only that, but it’s SLi capable, so theres pleanty of room for upgrading… The best part about this card being released though, is that it is driving the price in all the other videos card, down. You can get the new 6800xt, which outperforms the 6800gt, for $240 now. I think i may have to order one with the new system

going with
OCZ pc3200 premier
Athlon 64 3000+ Venice

already have
twin seagate 80gig sata
XFX 6600gt

Nice system…

Meh… its decent i guess. Not top of the line, but will run most things good enough for a few year to come.

Meh I’d stick with the 6600GT and overclock it.

I really don’t see why anyone needs to shell out 800 bucks at this point in
time for a video card. Unless if your fussy and need everything on high

for 350-400 less you can get the 7800GT version which does just fine for all games, my little brother just got evga’s 7800GT and he can play every new game with high quality settings no problem.

nice choice on the cpu, plan on overclocking it? :smile:

Yeah i dunno if I gunna buy thats card right now… might just get a better heatsink/fan for my 6600. Already have ramsinks on the card, and I can get the memory upto 1.2ghz, stable gaming for hours on end… the gpu heatsink isnt that great though, so its at the stock 500mhz. should be able to get it to 600mhz though. Gunna order one of these with the rest of the rig


Hell yeah that sucker is getting overclocked, thats why im going with the nvidia chipset. People are getting the venice core upto 2.5ghz with stock heatsink/fan on that board… It gets me really stoked.

yeah i’ve heard nothing but great things about the new venice cores overclockability, im looking to upgrade my comp soon…amd 64 3200+ venice, dfi lan party mobo, ocz 1 gig premium and an evga or bfg 7800gt vid card.

a couple of things you should know - the best overclocking chipset for the athlon 64 right now is the nforce 4 and you should also invest more on higher end ram if you plan on some serious overclocking like
this anandtech.com/memory/showdoc.aspx?i=2416

also to truely get the the most out of that video card ya need a really high end cpu to go with that card

and heres a different approach altogether xtremesystems.org/forums/sho … ge=1&pp=25

I going with the gigabyte nforce 3 board because its the only real overclockable board with an agp slot and socket 939. and the OCZ premium should more than handle some overclocking. Oh Nate, the venice 3200 isnt really worth the extra $40-50. Sure it comes with HT 2000 but, the 3000 with handle without any problems. Its the same core, just the 3200 is clocked 200mhz higher.

I just decided that im going with this ram
Since I can get the 1 gig kit for under $200.