eVGA 680i SLi

Looking to buy an old motherboad, an eVGA 680i SLi. My 680i gave out on me. It has to be SLi. Reply here or e-mail audiblyanonymous@hotmail.com.

Thanks, Cheers.

or a 750i SLi. Need ASAP. ASUS or eVGA is good.

if you’re willing to upgrade to core i7 I have an asus sabertooth for sale :wink: hahaha it’s sli and cfx ready. i’m still contemplating using it, but for now it sits in my closet, it has a five year warranty, but I didn’t keep my packing slip, the shipping box is gone, I recieved it directly from ASUS in California, it was the prize from a Cyber Power PC’s contest last summer/fall.

Thanks for the offer but I did find a replacement. I couldn’t upgrade at this time to an i5 or i7 due to money constraints.