Everybody loves Footall (soccer)

From the richest palaces to the deepest caves everybody loves the beautiful game!  :wink:


so do the canadians call it football or soccer??? or does it depend on the region???

Suspect we call it soccer generally, only use the term football when folks (like me!) want to sound smarter about the sport than we are, it’s one of our weak global view moments.

Since we have a Candian Football League and follow the NFL quite a bit, and all our kids play minor soccer, I guess we really should refer to it as soccer.

Though the odd sports guy on tv and radio has been known to refer to it as “football of the other kind”

To make things more complicated,  MLS (Major League Soccer) teams use “FC” in their names. FC = Football club.  ie:  FC Dallas.

Toronto FC will start next season as Canada’s first MLS team. The “FC” has been said to stand for "Futebol Club." Futbol or Futebol so as not to confuse it with Football. Â

I don’t love soccer.  I find it quite boring actually  :imp:

I think soccer has been the only sport I’ve tried, or played, that I don’t like.