Evac's to Terrace


Back home now but we self evac’d to Terrace as Prince George was full and smokey as hell. Several others from the Fort went to Terrace too.
Thanks to everyone manning the evac centre they were just super! And everyone in town was supportive, extremely helpful and did their best.
It was a smoky hell driving home but we made it back. Won’t leave again unless the cops come pound on the door and order us to! (still might happen)

*My luck in a nutshell: after 12 years visiting the Terrace, I finally got to try that little hole in the wall Chinese place by Timmies. It was bloody superb!
Then the waitress informs me the owners sold the place and will be leaving in September! Aaaaauuuuuggggghhhhhh!!!


Was wondering how you were doing knowing you are from the Fort


Glad that you’re okay, herbie! :slight_smile:


Any photos, @herbie_popnecker ?

What’s it like? Did the fire get close to town? Damage?

It’s been smoky, dark red days here in Northern Alberta. Lots of people having memories of our own evacuation. Kids aren’t too happy to have to stay inside.


The sun setting in a slot between the mountain tops and the smoke layer makes this look like it’s stage lighting. Shadow below, black smoke behind and a sharp contrast of brightly lit needles on top.
The fire’s on the other side of the lake, behind the mountain on the west side of Cunningham road, it would have to cross, climb the mountain and go down it to endanger all the homes in Sowchea Bay. Seems to be mostly contained as they took down the massive sprinkler system on Sowchea Rd and moved it to Fraser Lake - Burns lake where they really need it.


Getting sick of the “fake news” websites and FB groups spreading sensationalism and panic. Just yesterday
Fire Moves Closer to City of Fort St. James (you call this a city?)
Burns Lake Can’t Be Saved (well at least from burning it can…)
and the usual posts critical of authorities not doing enough (all I’ve seen is everyone putting out 110%) or showing up in Prince George (where all the displaced people ARE, dummies) instead of here instead…
Here’s a shot I took leaving Burns last Monday when the fire was half the size. Looks like a nuke went off!


Wait until the conspiracy nuts start up :slight_smile:

There’s plenty who think that hundreds of people died in the Fort McMurray fires, and of course, the government is covering it up.


Oh hell, someone was already accusing Trudeau of withholding help because BC is against pipelines! And beancounters so focused they can’t help referring to forests as “lumber”…
on the alt-right discovered a post from FB group BC Patriots, which as has been my experience anyone touting their patriotism is anything but
on the left another “BC Burning, Nestle Still Only Paying $2.25 Per Million Litres of Water” (WTF do they have to do with each other?)


Yeah, and since this and last year’s fire season happened while the BC NDP is in power, it must have been BC Liberals who caused all the fires to give the NDP a hard time governing.


Oh, the BC Liberals started the fire?

Since the Fort McMurray wildfire was most likely started by human activity, the theory here is that Rachel Notley and Justin Trudeau both personally started the fire. Some people really believe that.


Dincha know Christy Clark drove around the province flinging cigarette butts out her window? Trump says our cheap Canadian subsidized lumber is to blame for the fires in California.
But let’s be honest. years of inaction on all the deadfall and bug kill didn’t help any. Several reports telling us we had to were ignored.
WTF is our biomass plant cutting deciduous trees to grind up instead of the crap laying on the ground?


Heh, Canucks are to blame! Global warming, man-made climate change had nothing to do with it! :slight_smile:


Whiped up some Taiwanese/Schechaun Spicy WonTons for an app tonight. Only used THREE TABLESPOONS of chili oil (called for 6) and 1.5 tsp of the chilis on the bottom of the jar.
Sweaty brow, runny nose, everyone else acted like they needed an ambulance. That sure cut through three weeks of forest fire smoke on the palate!

Prince George was still smoky enough to taste it yesterday!


O Jeez, some people enjoy milking the system. Just found out that some people applied and got self evac vouchers as late as this Monday to stay in Prince George.
It’s been smokier there than here, and the people claimed otherwise. Even know people who with the vouchers they got PLUS $1000 the mills gave each worker for the emergency bitched “I have no money, how am I supposed to get home?”
IMHO the threat to the Fort from the fire is now about the same as that of an extinction level asteroid hit, but they won’t lift the alert. They were even going to keep the schools from opening, now just the school buses won’t run until the alert is lifted. How am I supposed to get the kids to school if the buses aren’t running?
Fer God’s sake the entire town & rez would fit between the house I grew up in and the school I walked to.
Fucking whining of the utterly helpless