Ethical Behaviour by our municipal politicians

Apparently, it is against the community charter for our municipal politicians to accept gifts, unless they are “incidental to the protocol or social obligation that normally accompany the responsibilities of office.”  This means that any of the freebies being offered by those corporations and various branches of the government can not be accepted by the local politicians.  One mayor, Sharon Gaetz, the rookie mayor of Chilliwack, has refused gifts from the BC Lottery Corporation and the BC Transmission Corporation.  These gifts include specific venues, and even free hotel accommodation.  I wonder if our politicians have received such gifts, and if they have refused them?

When I was in office I exchanged a neck tie with an East Indian Army General who was visiting and I was acting mayor at the time, He was here in regards to young east indian teens who were here as exchange students, nice tie thank you.

"When I was in office, just so happened I was acting mayor at the time! Hahahaha too funny! Couldn’t wait to throw that one into a conversation huh…

It was part of Ethical Behaviour Thread, if the rest bothers you, well “wtf”, I got a gift which of course I had not nor I did not give it to anyone. If its re when I was, well again I am not ashamed it was just another avenue traveled.

… the councillors take turns as acting mayor, including to welcome visitors to city hall, during the mayor’s frequent absences out of town … that’s another part of the answer to your previous question …

Peter Lester didn’t seem to bother much with out of town travel, but then he had different ideas about how taxes should be spent and what the mayor should be focusing on. Although the current mayor makes reports on his itinerary it’s not that clear what he actually accomplishes on his road trips … there are rumours that he has a good time but who knows?

Well Mayor Lester did visit China/Japan et al one or two times in his day, remember China Steel? How it was going to change our industrial base and bring prosperity? True, he didn’t seem to make an industry out of the travels afar, but he did venture out and as things turned had as much success as those that followed him on the dusty trail. 

You’re going back a long, long ways, into the mists of time … but you know I do recall that China Steel was a potential mega-project that was discussed for a time … that if it had gone ahead would have transformed the local and even regional economy in a pretty major way … perhaps analogous to Alcan in Kitimat … that seemed to be worth a trip or two by Mayor Lester …

Now, Mayor Mussallem is racking up frequent flyer points going to … um … exploring … um … talking to … about … geez you follow council meetings quite closely … what’s been the purpose of his frequent absences? … I seem to be having trouble recalling anything of note … oh wait, I remember now … he took some mounties to Ketchikan to wave at Americans … and I guess they provided security detail in case things went awry … malcontents with RPG-7s … that sort of thing.

Anything else been overlooked? I mean, I’m amazed we can recall events of about 30 years ago … that only true aficionados of rupert politics could recall … and a nice ride down memory lane its been too … it shouldn’t be that hard recalling what our principal emissary and commodore of the airport ferry service has been up to over the past 14 months … should it?