Escape from the room

#1 … m_game.swf


haha this ones easy!


I tried this thing a couple of months ago and couldn’t get past the stupid dance video. I still can’t!


wait till it pllays thru, he points to a spot, put your mouse there and wait till the movie is done, click it a few imes and a square will appear, click on the square and a safe will appear. Combo for the safe is 1994 (You get that from the URL you get from that note) and use the steel key, find a screwdriver. unscrew the doorknob and your out


its weird swf sites never work for me i duno why…


Maybe, um, you need to install flash…


shhh you’ll let the big swf secret out!



Maybe, um, you need to install flash…[/quote]

i do have flash… :angry: