Error safe

My computer has been infected by a bastardly annoying worm that urges the user to purchase “Errorsafe” anti virus software.

Does anyone know how to kill this bastard? 

Have you tried logging onto your Anti-Virus software website and checking the help files?  They might have a fix to help you to get rid of the infection.  I know Symantec has a good database of viruses and how to get rid of them.
Good luck, man!

Whatever it is - download NOD32 antivirus. You can find it all the usual places. Symantec/Norton is the worst antivirus ever. Can’t say much for AVG either. Combined with windows updates and Spybot you’re pretty much good to go.

I would install NOD32 and reboot in safe mode. Scan in safe mode, then reboot and do another scan. Also - if you have more than one user on the computer logon with each profile and scan.

It’s a pain - but it’s the best way.

much appreciated.

Oh great and almighty powerful Mig, please bestow upon a poor wretched soul like myself some nollij. What do you use to kill the viruses students inevitably download??

Student computers with Windows use Deepfreeze.  Our Linux and Mac OS X computers don’t.

turn off system restore
run norton anti-virus corp edition (
a-squared malmare programe(free)
spybot(free)and install pest patrol and spy wareblastter(free) turn back on sys restore
good to go