Entire Blackberry network down

Just letting those of you know the Blackberry network is currently down throughout the entire country (not just in Rupert), I just got off technical support with Rogers.  No expected time for it to be back up and running.

Only SMS and audio calls can be made right now.

Cmon now, we’re not trying hard enough, there must be some way to blame this on CityWest :imp:

And this is a problem how? :smile: 

Heaven forbid you won’t be able to check your facebook messages while you’re driving. :unamused:

Obligatory another reason to get an iPhone instead of a Blackberry post. 

Posted from an iPhone, by the way.

The Blackberry network has been working fine since at least 8:30 tonight.  Either that or my bf in Smithers on the Telus network wasn’t affected by it.

Mines working fine all night and all day.!