End of the World

The End of the World is kinda depressing…

No matter what we do, we’re not going to stop it…

Even if we spend all of our money in preventing it, the end will only be delayed a tiny bit…

So what should we do? Burn gas like nobody’s business, or try to conserve it, as slow as economically possible…?

We could obviously revert to our days of living by the light of Lamp-oil, but there’s no chance that we’ll give up our technology for that…

A lot of sacrifices will have to made…that is for sure… :frowning:
I think this generation will be fine, but I worry about my kids…

we have a long time to go before anything like this errupts.

I don’t think the end of the world is on the horizon at all. What are the factors you’re considering?


There was a recent program that Dr. Suzuki made which illustrated how serious of a problem it is, and that we need to act against it and whatnot.

Sadly, I can’t remember the name of the documentary or program. I’m wondering if anybody else saw it…

He had a pretty powerful analogy of our planet being a test tube of nutrients and resources, and how bacteria will flourish in the test tube and multiply until the resources are exhausted, and then the bacteria end up dying because of the lack of resources and the competition for them. And if you moved all the bacteria to another test tube (Another planet), the same thing would happen, only even faster because you’d be starting with 10 million bacteria cells.

Take the one tonne challenge.

My 2 cents
its not the end of the world its the end of humanity, No matter what we do to this plannet, Nuke it. strip mine, log all the forest, eat all the fish, when we are gone the plannet will grow again. support new life… life always finds away, it will be better with out us. then in a few billion years when the sun goes supernova then earth will be swallowed up. then life will be no more… :smiling_imp:

the other day i was looking at this picture, and, totally stupid idea and all, but when does a thermonuclear exchange between china and the us become ‘cleaner’ than letting things continue the way they have?


as for the end of the world, well, just keep your ought sixes kickin around because we’re going to need them when the power grid starts collapsing and northern bc looks like the peachiest place on earth to live.

falls river dam, up the ecstall, then we have kemano project in the same grid right? I figure someone takes out the transmission lines between here and PG in the event of “the big funky” going down and then we have our own happy little country here up in northern bc.

:angry: Proof! You want Proof! Take a look back at Prince Rupert’s weather records. Not just here but also around the world too. The earth is changing and there is nothing we can do to stop the warming but we can slow it down instead of speeding it up.
We use cloth diapers on our child and every time I see a parent using a disposible diaper I want to say to them, " You do relize by using that diaper you are not helping your child’s future your actually shortening his life span." Why are people having children if they aren’t looking out for their future. Why?!
We are a family of three (one is 2yrs old) and every garbage day, about 90% of the time, we only have 1/4 of a regurlar garbage bag full of garbage. Now that is recycling. Take the one tonne challanage but also try to do more than that because your children have a right to a long happy life.

Fossil fuels come and go, I don’t think the depletion of them will spell the end of humanity.

The earth will eventually be physically destroyed, sure. But I don’t believe life really hangs in as delicate of a balance as some scientists say. Of course, this is my personal opinion and I could very well be wrong. If bacteria evolved from basically nothing when there was really nothing around except for a few of the simple organic chemicals that might have been produced by lightning in the atmosphere and a bit of luck, then I’m sure life will find a way to survive even in the worst case scenario. And if not, who cares.

people don’t like to die, therefore i find that it will be hard to destroy eachother manually.


People love to kill though.

dipshits love to kill

or rather
insecure, uneducated, troubled, dipshits like to kill.

And you will need someone like you mentioned above to protect your little paradise.

no, im pretty sure that’d be putting the inmates in charge of the asylum.

“new bc” would be doing its best to prevent idiots from attaining positions of responsibility and power. worst case scenario, they are the feet on the ground.

I don’t really see any real evidence but for the nuke possibility. The world wouldn’t be destroyed though, just humans. That’s not the worst thing that could happen to be sure. :smile:

And, I think there will be a lot of steps in the coming years to prevent biological decay from nuclear attack (besides the blasts). That could change things quite dramatically when it comes to nuclear preparations.


I am interested to know what steps could be taken to comprehensively protect entire ecosystems in the eventuality of nuclear fallout contaminating the earth. Do you honestly think people in the third world will be able to afford this technology to safeguard their territories, or does your narrow imagination only contain the “West?” All life is connected, remember. That’s what is going to ruin earth for humanity - the fact that we will constantly have to expend more and more effort on maintaining a friendly environment in which to survive because we have destabilized the planet’s balances. Admittedly this has initially occured through ignorance, but now the people in the world with the resources and the power and most importantly, THE KNOWLEDGE to make meaningful differences in the way we create and expend energy are willfully turning a blind eye in favour of the bottom line. Don’t fool yourselves, people, it’s all about money and the here and now.

“I do not know with what weapons World War 3 will be fought, but World War 4 will be fought with sticks and stones.” - Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

I just love this stuff

Best Link about the different ways we can die.