End of all the B.S

After all the finger pointing over the few years regarding the Sockeye Salmon species. It comes down to the ol might guy in the sky. It’s an all natrual event or crisis.

[quote]Sockeye hit by warm water

By Leanne Ritchie
The Daily News

August 16, 2005

Warmer waters are believed to be behind the lower return rates of sockeye salmon to both the Skeena and Nass rivers this year, say Fisheries and Oceans scientists.

Sockeye runs on the West Coast — including Washington Lake, the Fraser, Skeena, and Nass Rivers — are all coming in at lower than anticipated numbers to some degree… [/quote]

But from my research, the Nass River stats are way up and normal. So the fish are going to a more suitable climate.


I think DFO ‘science’ is like meteorology ‘science’ and psychology ‘science’. Get a degree and your ‘best guess’ is given more validity than a farmer, a church counsellor, or an elder who’s fished for 90 years…


Yeah well I’ve heard tons of DFO anouncements that there are no fish… Then when the “few” fish go up to spawn, they close the gates because there are too many fish. All because some stupid DFO guy “thought” there was no fish. Oops! It’s almost more political more than actual evendence.

Yeah that’s right, there are alot of fish. They just found another home…


DFO, shut down fishing next year. The Government does have the funding.
They should distribute funds for the fisherman for next season, and let the STOCK’s come back. And hope the water cools down…

Didn’t the DFO try to limit fishing about 10 years ago to cries of “Foul! You’re infringing on our livelihood!”?

Now, because they listened to that whining, they’re hearing “Foul! You shouldn’t have let us fish so much!”

Just think. Soon, there will be no more wild salmon and all the bitching will cease.

Like that would stop them…