Enclosed Shops

Does anyone know anyone who would rent some sort of heated enlosed area for me to sand my car down in? I started the bodywork a few days ago, but it’s raining now, and the backyard is no longer a functioning work area. I’m not fussy. Anything with a roof, light and power outlet is dandy. It must also ofcourse be able to fit my car inside :wink: I’ll need 2-4 days in there, then I’ll drive off to get sprayed.

Excuse me, when did you get a job or a life?

You could probably have your car ready to paint in a good 10 hours.

Bondo takes time to dry silly :wink: Oh, and go asdfghjkl; yourself. Seriously though! I need a shop to work in for a couple days, no joke. Since I’m saving myself shit loads of money by doing all this work on my lonesome, I’ll pay generously to whomever can supply me with an area to work.


Ask Dale Landon. he has space probably…

Dale eh, I’ll go bug him about it then.