Elmo caught up in sex tape scandal!

Yikes, tickle you where?

Elmo what have you done!!

defamer.com/hollywood/sex-ta … 206858.php

Just wait til Jerry Falwell gets this news!

And that’s why only one of my TMX Elmo’s is out of the box.  The other one is still locked up :smiley:

LMAO…that’s some funny stuff…

So while driving down third ave. this morning could not help but wonder what was going on. A Big shiny fire truck in front of city hall , lights a flashing and city staff standing by on both sides of the building. Could not see Herb anywhere maybe it was not meant to be a photo op. Now could he have pulled the alarm all by himself and watched from afar or is it just that he is on another trip to better our city.

Or maybe he’s like every other mayor and doesn’t need to be at City Hall 24/7?  Just my guess.