Electrician wanted

I need a certified electrician to inspect some wiring in our house to make sure it’s done properly.
If possible I’d like to get the inspection done within the next few days.

I’ve used The Electrician on several occasions for big and small jobs. They do excellent work.

I am sure the Electrician does good work. That’s why he is working on getting the new Walmart wired and any other certified electrician in town is working there for him too right now. One of them said he’d do the electrical work for us but now he’s got work up to his ears at the new Walmart and we’re stuck in the middle of a kitchen reno.

Richard Wright at the Electrician is great.
Recommend his oversight and his company’s work any day. (I know you’re looking for a private person to inspect but thought I’d add my ¢2)

Thanks, we already found an electrician.