Election predictions?

Anyone want to make an election prediction before votes are counted?



I dunno. I have no read on this one. Will the results be announced on CBC later?

Pretty easy win for Mussalem.

6 councilors I predict

Anna A
Nelson Kinn
Joy Thor
Gina Gar
Dave Val
Jen Rice

Probably a better chance of hearing the results on cjfw

[quote=“chookie”]Pretty easy win for Mussalem.

6 councilors I predict

Anna A
Nelson Kinn
Joy Thor
Gina Gar
Dave Val
Jen Rice[/quote]

Pretty well concur with most of that though I might not include Mr. Vallee, perhaps Carlick Pearson there, not sure but I wonder if the support for Mr. Vallee held through the campaign. Not all my choices mind you but it’s the probable outcome,

For School Board

And again not all the choices I would make, but when the counting is done.


Should get results here elections.princerupert.ca and I think also channel 10 as in previous elections.

CJFW reports at 8 PM that voter turn out was DOWN 16 Percent this election

I’m sure my username will betray my bias, but I’m hoping for a 4 - 3 split on the school board, that looks like this:

Beil (acclaimed), Bowles, Sanchez, and Boudier

Last, Kuntz, Huddlestone.

The composition of the minority group doesn’t matter much to me, and I didn’t vote for any of those three. I just think they will be the ones who will get in.

If this is how it turns out, look for some interesting times ahead. (As if the past hasn’t been interesting enough!). Hmmm…the Chinese use the word interesting in a very ambiguous way…

It will be interesting to see how Marty fares when the first discussions of the strike come up.

First of all, there is no strike…perhaps Marty will be able to bring the board up to speed on that!

There is no strike? Better tell BCTF president Susan Lambert, who often refers to the current job action as Phase One of the strike.

It may be selective, or random, or whatever, but the withdrawal of labour by a union is the definition of a strike. When even the BCTF calls this a strike, why would the PRDTU be in denial?

Yes the job action is considered to be a part of what the LRB calls a legally sanctioned stike. However, the intent is to avert a full blown strike and to bring about some meaningful resolution to the current negotiations. I would like to see some movement in that direction.

Legally sanctioned strike, job action… pulling at straws I think.