Elect Joanna Larson

Committee to Elect Joanna Larson for Independent MLA for North Coast Riding,

If you think that Joanna Larson will make a good MLA - email - Electjoannalarson@gmail.com

If you want to support Joanna Larson for Independent MLA for the North Coast Riding - email- electjoannalarson@gmail.com

We already have one NDP person running…thats 1 NDP too many already!

The only positive with her running as an independent is it will syphon off votes from the NDP base here in our riding.

No sign of this on joannalarson.ca/ or @JoannaLLarson on Twitter. Curious if this is a trial balloon, someone trying to stir the pot, or a supporter trying to gauge support to try to talk Joanna into it.

We are lucky in this country and we can support someone we think is qualified to do the job. It is called a Free world and we can do it ethically and only if people chose to have her as their candidate.

It would be delicious irony if the NDP formed government, and in the North Coast riding the left vote split resulting in a Liberal MLA. Yet again electing a dead beat representative in Victoria.

From Joanna’s Twitter:

It occurs to me that you might need her cooperation as well, though.


From Joanna’s Twitter:

It occurs to me that you might need her cooperation as well, though.[/quote]

It’s hard to say what’s going on with the local NDP these days. The Northern View is running a story (updated at 2.09 PM) that says:

'Larson confirmed a group calling themselves the Committee to Elect Joanna Larson for Independent MLA for North Coast Riding have recently approached her, but said at this time she’s unsure whether she will run,

“I guess it’s one of those things where you never say never,” she said.’ thenorthernview.com/news/193987041.html

Perhaps sometime between 2.09 and her 3.29 pm tweet she decided to say never.

Anyway, if anything is clear it is that there is some dissatisfaction within NDP ranks, notwithstanding that the Liberals have yet to name a candidate.

Putting two threads together. I heard that Gary Coons liked his role in opposition so much that he might consider running for the Liberals. Joanna and Jennifer split the NDP vote. Gary gets the Liberal vote plus the support of the people who like him, plus the support of a bunch of people who are not paying attention and think he is still running for the NDP. Gary wins the riding. The NDP wins the election. Voila. Gary remains opposition critic of BC Ferries.

OK the person who told me this had a twinkle in her eye.

What I find interesting about the speculation of Joanna running is the motivation. Of course Joanna thinks she can do a good job of representing the riding. I can’t see anyone running for the nomination who didn’t think they could do a good job. And there are certainly people who think she can do a better job than Jennifer. But putting personalities and ability aside, I am not sure if there is a big policy difference between these two capable individuals. (I may be wrong.)

Maybe I am too far out of the loop and the inner circle of the NDP (my one year membership lapsed 8 years ago) but why would someone run when the risk of splitting the vote far outweighs the chance of victory. I can see Bob Simpson running as an independent because he is upset with the NDP. The same goes with John Van Dongen, Vicki Huntington, and Moe Gill who are upset with the Liberals. Other independents run on single issues or on issues that focus on their individual riding or a combination of issues that don’t fall neatly into a specific political party’s platform.

What, if anything, is going on here?

Wake me up when it’s over!