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To be fair, she has done all she can. The holdups have been due to the extremely slow federal assessment process, and obviously the drop in commodity prices.

Indeed. Premier Clark will spin this to the best of her ability. I am interested in seeing if the voters will let her performance slide and re-elect her once more.

“Let her performance slide”?

LOL - Under her watch, BC has the #1 economy in the country right now, the most diversified economy, the best credit rating, the lowest taxes, the #1 rated education system and long-term labour peace among its public/government workers, including the most hostile union in the country, the BCTF.

The worldwide commodity markets are outside of this governments control and they really should not be held to task for some of these projects not going forward due to depressed worldwide prices. This has nothing to do with “her performance”. This government has done everything in its power to foster this industry, but there is only so much they can do. If any of these projects officially get cancelled, I will not blame them at all, I will blame the paid protesters, our local NDP MLA/MP and the federal government.

I especially would not support the NDP in anyway…they have been against the LNG industry on the North Coast since day 1 and have been actively trying to suppress economic activity tied to this region.

The BC Liberals have pushed hard for LNG, but they have also ensured BC’s economy is not tied to this one industry, so if it goes away, this province will still see prosperity.

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My God, I’m agog if you actually believe the rubbish you’re spewing. The BCTF has been under attack by the BC Liberals since 2002 when the then minister of education (Christy Clark) passed Bill 29 effectively tearing up the contract with the BCTF that she agreed to. She stripped bargaining rights away from teachers. The teachers will now have their say in the Supreme Court of Canada. Clark could have avoided all of this. Labour peace?!

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Excellent point about the BCTF. An NDP government would have rolled over and given them everything they asked for. By staying strong in the face of their aggression, and limiting them to pay rises no higher than other public servants, Christy Clark has saved the taxpayers in this province an absolute fortune. BC teachers are already some of the highest paid in the world.

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If I send my kids to a private school (which I do by the way), I get a much lower subsidy than those parents who send their kids to public school. That’s why private schools need to do so much fundraising and why their teachers are paid less than in the public sector.

Its a fact that I, as a private school parent, am actually subsidizing the public school system.

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She is not under funding public education. Clearly it has not touched the quality of the BC education system, as they are one of the best in North America.

This government is investing more money in education now than it did 10 years ago and that is with continual declines year over year in enrollment.

BC Teachers are highly paid, have incredible pensions and benefits and get two months off in the summer. They deserve the pay they get, their job is tough and takes much more time per day than the 9am to 3pm hours many think they work…but at the same time, what they make now is more than adequate and certainly fair.

I fully support your right to send your children to private school. But, it is your choice to send them there. Why should I be forced to use my tax dollars to fund private schools? If you want to send your kids to private schools then in my opinion you should pay the entire bill.

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Tell that to the parents who have learning disabled children in this school district. Learning disabled children in this district receive inadequate support to meet their learning needs. Province wide classrooms are filled to maximum and schools are being closed.
I can only imagine how well the children of BC would be doing with smaller class sizes and better learning support. The fact that our children are performing as well as they are speaks volumes about the quality of public school educators.

Why should I subsidize your choice to send your kids to public school? Why should I get zero financial support from the government, while you get completely free education?

What you’re talking about is yet another progressive tax. You want my choice of an independent school to cost me the entire subsidy for my child. Our tax system is progressive enough already without adding further imbalances.

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Why should we be forced to fund PUBLIC schools if we fully support private schools??

Perhaps if the teachers didn’t have such high salaries, there would be more funding room for this kind of support?

This is the kind of distortion that happens when unions get involved. The fact is that there are thousands of qualified teachers who are unable to find work because of the activities of the BCTF. If the market was allowed to discover a salary that balanced supply and demand, many of these problems would just disappear.

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Because the money that’s being diverted from public coffers is public money. If private schools are to be funded by my tax dollars then put that to a vote. I would support a referendum on that matter. That’ll never happen though.

Schools that have closed in Prince Rupert SHOULD be closed…running half empty schools makes no sense…schools should be kept as close to 100% capacity as possible.

Look at the local independent school, they have been running at full capacity for years (often with larger class sizes than those in the district and much less room) and they don’t seem to have the same problems facing the public school system…that school is arguably the best in the city, yet their staff makes far less than their union public teacher counterparts, they have less administration and less resources and funding.

Perhaps special needs funding is lower than it should be, but funding for everything else (which accounts for close to 95% of all funding for education) is more than adequate. Expecting perfection is ridiculous and unrealistic.

She’s using your tax dollars to pay the Liberal legal fees while she under funds public education. At the same time she’s using your tax dollars to find private schools.

The BCTF will likely lose their appeal with the Supreme appeals court, just like they lost at the Provincial Court of Appeals. They would be going well against betting odds if the Provincial Court of Appeals decision is overturned.

The BCTF is the most hostile union in BC history, if you look over the last 40 years it has been decades of unrest and ridiculous demands from this union…no government, whether Liberal/SoCred or NDP has been able to reason with this union.

That fact that Clark was able to get a 5-year agreement with the BCTF is freaking incredible…we have 5-years of peace with this union, so yes labour peace.

What you’re suggesting is that my child get zero financial support from the government. Tell it like it is – you’re proposing another progressive tax.

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How much better they would be doing? This is the #1 education system in Canada and one of the best in North America.

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i’m curious ppl might be celebrating if Petronas pulls the plug but yet they complain that the education system doesn’t have enough money? where do you think the government gets the money for education and health care? they get it from workers and business’s. so no resource industry, ie Petronas LNG Plant, no high paying jobs no taxes less money for education and health care. oh wait we can make money by signing kumbaiya