EBAY Scammers or Legit?

Just wondering what to avoid on Ebay? Is there any protection of sales?

Check out this gold chain…

cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi … 57507&rd=1

Here’s the sellers website, or so they say…


24K gold chain for $30 bucks?

Wow, they are all gold plate maybe?

did i push cancel instead of submit? yeah i figured that out seconds after posting

I’m gonna buy one anyway hahaha. BLING

Dude, you should try to get a gold ring that has, “UNITY,” on the front of it.

I tried to get a replica of The One Ring but the wanted to send it away to get laser engraved. Pricy though, like $500 with my special person discount for the 24K ring.

I think they’re cheaper in the little booklets that come with the movies. Maybe they’re American prices, not sure.


I want a golden buddha.

Are you a Buddhist?