Ebay Question

How reliable is Ebay?
Ive only ordered one thing of there before and got it.
I would order more stuff, but dont seem to trust it.

It all depends on how much homework you want to do. If you look up the seller, check their feedback, and talk to them before you bid, and while the auction is going on, chances are you’ll have a good experience. If you just bid on the item, and not check into anything, there is a chance you can get taken for a ride.

There are so many ways to protect yourself while you use ebay, that it’s near impossible to lose your money if you do things the right way.

I had a bad eBay experience last year when I was trying to buy a Don Mattingly Yankees ball jersey. For some reason the seller wouldn’t give me the item, even though it appeared he had them in stock. I checked up on the guy before hand and he seemed very reputable. The whole thing was quite puzzling to me.

I had to get my money back via a ‘charge back’ on my credit card. Didn’t stop me from buy things since though. I like eBay. You can find some good deals if you get lucky. Like smartass said, do your homework on the seller. Check how many positive/negative reviews the seller has, etc.