eBay / Paypal Refund

I bought some stuff off eBay for my sisters xmas gifts back in early December, payed through Paypal and never received any goods. I’ve e-mailed the guy twice and opened a Paypal dispute, none of which have gotten a reply from the seller. eBayer is still getting positive and some negative feedback mostly stating that emails communication to the seller is impossible… I can escalate the dispute to a claim in which Paypal would review and probably honor my money back, less their $25USD charge. Is there another way to ALL of my money back?

I had a similar problem before where I never recieved the goods I paid for as well.  I believe I filed a complaint with eBay Safe Harbour and PayPal and between the two, they got my payment reversed so I got my money back, and the guy lost his ebay account in the process.  I didn’t have to pay $25 though… so maybe that fee was just introduced, or I did it a different way?

hankaspanka will definately have an answer for you.

Was your paypal purchase charged on your credit card?  If so, then just call your bank and tell them it’s a charge for something you didn’t receive, and that the merchant is non-responsive.  The bank will do a charge-back with no fees.

I just had a guy tell me it was going to cost $115 for a hockey stick to get here from California!!  The guy also wanted me to pay his first estimated $30 shipping fee plus my winning bid up-front before he even went back to the post office to find out the actual fees.  He said I could pay the difference at a later date, once he figured it out.  I don’t freakin think so!

Its quite simple.  I see that you have opened a paypal dispute.  Paypal will now contact the seller and require him to do one of two things; (1) provide a tracking number to search out the item through the postal system; or (2) offer the buyer a full refund.  Paypal gives the seller 10 days to resolve this.  If the seller cannot provide a tracking number -or- offer a refund, paypal will find the case in your favour and will reward you with a FULL refund (i.e. the exact amount of the transaction sent through paypal).

I would be extremely careful here, smartass.  I once tried to send an umbrella to the States and was refused from Canada Post.  They said the dimensions were too long.  If this is the case with your hockey stick, the seller may be sending it UPS and you know what that means, right?  USP is its own brokerage and you will not only pay your seller the shipping fees, but an astronomical amount of tariff fees by USP to get it across the border and on to your front door.  Personally, I would try to back out of the deal, relying on tariffs not stated in the auction.  But if you’re that adement about that particular stick, then I wish you well.

Yep, backing out is probably going to happen if he states UPS is the only way to go.  I gave him some more shipping choices in an email last night, and told him not to rely on his “friend” to check the post office for him, that he should get his ass down there and check it out himself.

Can I back out of an auction simply because the shipping charges weren’t listed?  I had asked the guy before the auction ended how much shipping was going to be and he said $30.

Personally, what I would do, and since he already advised that shipping would be $30.00, is venture back to the listing and click on the ‘pay now’ icon.  On the statement form, plug in the $30.00 he told you, and remit the payment.  This will get him off his ass and down to the post office.  Ebay will see that you have paid for the item through paypal and will erase a negative feedback posted against you for non payment, if this is what he decides to do.  He may try one of two things; he may refund the entire payment and ask for ‘x’ amount; or he may send you a bill through paypal for the actual shipping, if there really is any.

I tried to search for your bidding pattern to read the description, but have, no doubt, entered what I thought was your ID, incorrectly.

I just caught word that they’re actually having a pretty good sale on sticks at Farwest… 20% off wood, plus an additional 15% off one-piecers or something like that.

Less $25.00, unless I’m in the wrong place…

[quote=“Paypal”]End Communication and Escalate to a Claim

We are sorry that you have been unable to resolve this dispute. By escalating your dispute to a claim, you are asking PayPal to review the case and decide the outcome.
What Happens Next

PayPal will review your communication with the seller and may contact you for additional information. We will make every effort to resolve this claim within 30 days.
If this claim is decided in your favor, you will be eligible to receive whatever funds we can recover from the seller minus a $25.00 USD processing cost. We will make our best effort to investigate this matter fairly and, if the claim is decided in your favor, recover whatever funds we can.[/quote]

I called my credit card company and they reversed the charges. Thanks Mig.

"…you will be eligible to receive whatever funds we can recover from the seller minus a $25.00 USD processing cost. "

This use to be ebay’s fee for processing, but I didn’t know that the fee got carried over to paypal as well.  I’m going on my personal experience when I was retuned ALL monies in the transaction I had.  Maybe things have changed, as I’m sure they have to include a processing fee with paypal as well.

Glad to hear that your cc acted on your request.