Easter weekend activities

Threw this on our website and in The Northern View section of the site, but wanted to put it out here as well.

With Easter just around the corner, the Prince Rupert Rotary Club will be hosting its annual Community Easter Egg Hunt at Rotary Waterfront Park beginning at 11 a.m. sharp on Saturday, April 3.

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Also, I’m one of the organizers of the Community Easter Egg Hunt, so anyone with questions can PM me as well. Hope you all have a great weekend…

What does the Easter bunny do with any left over chocolates?

Left over chocolate?? do kids really leave leftover chocolate?? lol Mine dont!!

Thank you Shaun for letting us know. Hope to be down there, it should be fun!!!  :smile:

Whoops, put this incorrectly in the Prince Rupert forum. My bad…

Just a friendly reminder of the Community Easter Egg Hunt beginning at 11 a.m. sharp at Waterfront park today. Hope to see you there, and have an awesome day.

Thanks to those who came out despite the weather. Hope you and your kids had fun finding the eggs, and next year the Club hopes to grow the Hunt even more (it’s still in its infancy).

Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone.

Its too bad more ppl didnt brave the weather!! but it was super fun!!

Awesome time and my little one really enjoyed finding those eggs!!!  Thanks to all who organized it and made it fun and glad there were many little ones who came out, real troopers here in PR!!!  :smile:

We got twice as many eggs as we did last year!

Less people means more chocolate for each LOL

We went house hunting yesterday. The freaking stair collapsed like the trapdoor on a gallows, broke my nose and smashed my knee. People next door had to rescue Cathy with a ladder, she couldn’t get off the sundeck, then she had to drive me to the Hospital. Lost almost a quart before I stopped the bleeding.
Had enough adventure for Easter.

Met the Minister today and he asked about me hobbling about with a huge butterfly bandage on my face and I told him what happened. Wished me a Happy Easter even though I had a rotten Good Friday.
Told him it wasn’t nearly as bad as the one the last son of Joseph and Mary had (those are my parent’s names, really). He laughed.