Earth Hour

I’ll be turning off my lights and powering down my gear tonight at 8:30 for Earth Hour.  My daughter looks forward to the lights going out; we light candles and read stories.  :smile:

you and every other person uneducated on this subject.  Thinking your doing a good thing.

You and every other person uneducated on this subject.  Thinking ‘your’ means ‘you are.’  It doesn’t.

earth hour is celebrated for 8 hours every night in my house when we go to bed.

canucks are playing sharks tonight at 830 wooo!!!

Earth hour is like my valentines day. Put out some candles bow chika wow wow.

Come to me Children ovffda Nite … muuuuuuuhahahahahahaha!

Your point of view is one which is shared by many people.  Each to his own.
I respectfully disagree with you, billy.  I think that we can all make a difference in helping to promote environmental awareness.  We need to work together to help the environment.

I’m not only turning out the lights but I’m going to burn a tire as well to increase global warming. the warmer it gets the less heat we use in the winter.

Plus then I have an excuse to wear my man thong.

Oh great…now I have that image seared into my brain.  :imp:

LMAO…funny stuff, jesus.  :smiley:

You’re welcome for the free birth control.

Heh-heh.  :smiley:

[quote]And that’s the whole point of Earth Hour— turning off the lights for an hour to take a stand against climate change.

And more and more of us are participating every year — in fact, last year, Toronto recorded a 15.1 per cent electricity load drop.[/quote]

Toronto goes dark for Earth hour 

  did not see many participants around here… I was not one of them either  :neutral_face:

Me neither, sad to say but I was on the phone, long distance :neutral_face:  I did tune into the Weather Network and they were broadcasting photos from around the world and it was amazing, Egypt, France and even China.  Cool to see the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, the Sphynx, all in the dark!    BTW, we are in for quite a blast tonite, winds up to 100 and up  :confused:

Yeah…that was something.  The winds woke me up several times last night.

  ditto…yawn… :stuck_out_tongue:

i dont even notice the wind in fact i cant sleep when im away cause there is no wind and rain lol  and the only reason id turn my lights out for earth hour is to piss off B.C Hydro cause they probably loose alot of money in that hour lol,  but then again they’ll probably just hike up the rates some more lol

Even if you turn everything off. things are still drawing power. If it’s plugged into the wall, it still draws power, even the energy star stuff does.

Only if it’s in “standby mode” or if it’s doing something.

If a lightbulb is off, it’s not drawing power.  You can check other things with a device like the Killawatt.  If you want to be sure, put your stuff on a power bar and turn that off.

To say that anything plugged into the wall draws power is just wrong.