Which Williams sister would you rather?

  • That Venus one. With the Badonkadonk Booty.
  • That other one. With the not-so-Badonkadonk Booty.

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I’m nearly an adult now, and I’ve got to start lookin’ a bit more respectable, and since I don’t want to cut my hair, I’ve got to change my E-mail from being "whiteboy_9899@server.com" to somethin’ right.

That account gets so much Spam from stupid things I’ve signed up to over the past 4 years, I often end up deleting important Mail in my Junk Deleting Frenzy.

So… Has anybody any suggestions to a Free E-mail provider, that will allow me to Forward Mail from the “whiteboy_9899” account to my new one?

And I want somethin’ that’ll let me handle Junk mail real good like. I already know where the pron is… I don’t need any more of it.

A new E-mail that I won’t have to change anytime soon… somethin’ that’ll last the next 10 Years.

go with msn.com and what are the williams sisters?

charleshays webmail is really nice…

No thanks… Then folks will think I’m from CHSS…

Meh… I tried msn… it ain’t work… I kinda want it though, for MSNM… bah…

I’ve got 2 accounts at graffiti.net and they have worked wonders so far. No spam at all. Best thing, is that you get 20MB! yes 20MB! of storage. That’s 10 times more than hotmail… FOR FREE! You can check your POP mail boxes and stuff like that too.

I don’t know about all the forwarding stuff, but if you want storage, that’s where you should go.

[quote=“Charles_T”]No thanks… Then folks will think I’m from CHSS…

Meh… I tried msn… it ain’t work… I kinda want it though, for MSNM… bah…[/quote]

You could try the PRSS webmail. Oh wait, they don’t have it.

Seriously, ask borges for CHSS webmail, it does IMAP, spamassassin, and you don’t have to be "charles@charleshays.net" you can be "charles@menino.com" or a bunch of other names.

CHSS webmail > all.

Why not use @citytel.net?

citytel.net sucks ass as they sell your email address to spam companies or something like that! I hardly ever use my citytel account or give it out to anyone, and I get at least 20 spam messages a day. I know people who don’t even use their CityTel accounts and get spam messages there.

my dad doesnt get much spam, like maybe 1 a day

I really doubt that CityTel does that.

My mother, and her father also get spam mail in their CityTel accounts.

Well how else would spam get into that email adress… when the address isn’t given out at all? Not even for newsletters and stuff like that.

Some are sent “to: Undisclosed-recipient@citytel.net”… so they are getting the address from somewhere, it’s not like it’s something we signed up for, or it would have our address in it.

If someone wrote a script that sent mass e-mails to every possible “name”@citytel.net address, and then kept track of which bounced back a mail daemon notice, it wouldn’t be too hard to send spam to your inbox would it?

yeah, but it would be simple to take random words/names and put them in from of @citytel.net and yeah, mail daemon would make it alot easier too, or you jsut could hack sum1’s address book :smile:

I have no idea. I’m dumb. That’s why I figured that was the only way I was getting spam there.

Is that not what I just basically said?

not really

oh shit, i dont even know what im saying, nevermind haha




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