Dvd Burning

Hey im just starting to get into burning dvds. Any one have any programes that they use and would like to recomend?


Nero Smartstart…it has just about everything you need for burning anything.

what os?  For Mac OS X use Toast

Will toast burn videoCDs?

yes it will.  Have the russians reached you?

Not yet. The P.O. clerk said they should be here “any day now”…
I was told you can ignore all the warnings, insert a CD and iDVD will burn it anyways, I just saw Toast in stock at London Drugs.

I’m using the prog called DVDFab which makes a perfect copy of your dvd’s if you want to BACK them up.

How? most dvds wont fit on a dvd?

Try DVDShrink or burning onto a double layer DVD

What is a good program for mac to rip / back up dvd’s ? What do the russians use ?

Mac the ripper works well.

yngwie_69 wrote:

(How? most dvds wont fit on a dvd?)

Umm just try it, the program works just fine, DVDFab, it gives you the option to back-up the entire dvd or just the movie.  :wink:

DragonBurn works well also…