Dumpster Shopping

The dumpster divers are back in force at the 7-11 dumpster. In the past I noticed one of them crawling into the dumpster and not emerging for 4 hours. I contacted the management and informed them that perhaps they should check it and see if the person was okay or perhaps dead. No one checked but fortunately the diver crawled out and left. I am concerned that one of these days the truck will arrive to empty the dumpster and the dumpster diver inside will be severely injured or killed. I know that many people will rant and rave that this is just a sign of how bad things really are in Rupert. Get these people off the street and looked after and we won,t have this problem. I totally agree but in the meantime, lock that dumpster. Perhaps our city should have a bylaw that all businesses using dumpsters must lock them or face a penalty or fine. If a person is killed in a dumpster, who is liable? I would think the business using the dumpster would be liable.

What you say in regards to the Divers is so true and I like your call on locking them . I know that there are many dumpsters around town but most of the time I see a few working together . I know a family that work together . Watch what happens if these landlords keep raising the rents , there will be more .