DSL or Cable high-speed Internet?

I am thinking of upgrading my internet to high-speed and was wondering if it’s worth to spend $80 for the Citywest cable internet upgrade or if the the DSL is good enough.
I am just tired of having to wait 2 hours to download a one hour movie.

Which one is better, the Citywest DSL high-speed internet or the cable high speed?

Please note: This thread has one simple question to answer. Please do just that, if you can, and use any of the other Complain-About-Citywest-Threads if you have to vent about Citywest.

I’d go for Cable. The service has been pretty good, and they’ve managed to fix most problem’s I’ve had via e-mail and phone, remotely.

Why the extra cost, though? What’s the $80 for?

“For existing customers wishing to change from DSL to Cable Internet, there is a $79.95 change charge.” Citywest website

I wonder if that charge exists for new customers? Seems kind of steep to me.

I have been a pawn i mean customer for both for awhile…cable is not faster period…just stay DSL…cuz it is the same…CITYWEST blows…PERIOD!!!

When I changed from DSL to Cable I wasn’t charged anything…something called a technology upgrade, or something like that. Also, at the time there were rumours of upcoming possible download caps and I was assured that wasn’t going to happen. Now I understand that its only for cable customers and not DSL customers, and I can’t go back to DSL as I live too far away from the downtown core, but it was fine before I switched to cable.

Oh, shit, sorry…that wasn’t supposed to be a rant about Shittywest but I thought I would tell you about my experience.

don’t think Citywest is handing out anymore DSL modems, think cable is the only option now, only existing DSL users from what I was told can get newer modems if theirs craps out, if your allready on DSL I would take the modem down to get a newer one if your older one is crapping out otherwise I think they will switch you to Cable

So, Jees, switch to cable if you can get them to do it for free. Otherwise, stick with what you have :smile:

DSL is on it’s way out, as are phone lines in general. So you’ve got cable or satellite to choose from. WiFi is an option in some localities now.

What you have is reflected by demand. Maybe you need to demand better?


Demand doesn’t run Citywest in Prince Rupert. That’s why they insisted nobody wanted data services and texting for cellphones, until competition came to town.

Citywest as an ISP is a government-owned monopoly in Prince Rupert. No choice, and no market pressure, especially to anything like “demand.”

If you criticize them, they threaten you with lawyers.

I’d go with the Cable Internet, it’s $39.99 a month for us because of combo deals and it’s the fastest connection we’ve ever
had in Prince Rupert.

Download speeds for me are a sustained 700 KB/s (Kilobytes) not Kilobits… I download a 700MB movie in like 5 - 10 minutes usually

And since Citywest claims that your geographical location (I don’t know if it does, I’m a network nooby) affects your download rate - for comparison; I live on Fulton Street (Pa’s Market Area)