Driving from Rupert -> Lower mainland in May? I have an offer for you

tow my motorbike trailer to the lower mainland for me and I’ll kick in some gas money that will make the trip much easier for you.  It’s a super lightweight trailer / motorbike so it wont make your car or truck drag its ass, it will be all packed up and ready to roll on the day you want to head out…and I will be available to pick it up anywhere in the lower mainland region.

please reply to alpinescrub@gmail.com or here…

Hee-yuck, I like towing! But I’ll be going North at Prince George when I leave in a few weeks here…

i have to get to van but i was going to fly.  if your bike doesn’t suck i’ll ride it down and you can get the trailor at another time. 

got a license ? the bike is street legal but the tires are full knobs - so you will be pulled over in every town you go through to get your LICENSE AND REGISTRATION checked because the cops think its a dirtbike and not an enduro.  the tires are DOT approved as well, and I’ve gotten away with a quick explanation several times before when cops stop me but dont go through the license check… (because I dont have one either.)

That said I’m not sure I’m comfortable with someone else booting it down here, it hasnt been driven since last October - what route would you take, rupert -> port hardy ? or like, through the province.

ya man i’d go on the ferry for sure, riding an enduro through the province would be painful.  message me and i’ll come check the bike out and introduce myself, or stop by rain and say hey on friday night…i’m hehind the bar

Ya hes hehind the bar or is the bar in his hehind?

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