Driving and the snowstorm

Cool.  Loving the snow…it was almost white-out conditions as I was driving up Park Avenue. :smile:

Time to park the car and sit in front of the fireplace with the dog!

Hey, anybody want to give odds on a power failure today or tonight?

This is what it feels like outside now. Glad I’m inside.

Yeah, we were pretty stupid to go to church today, and then, instead of going straight home, we stayed out a “little bit longer” to do some errands.  We went into the mall with a snow-free van, and when we came out, there was two inches of fresh snow on the windshield.  Yikes!

Mig, please no power outage. I am a celler dweller and it get real cold down here.

Even worse, there’s no HTMF if the power goes out.

Well, actually there is, it’s on a battery :wink:  But nobody can connect to it, since the switch isn’t on the UPS.

1 word… Jealous! Its just a little chilly over here :frowning:

No smowplows have gone by this area of town and I am wondering if the city has any snow removal budget or did they plan to not have any snow fall this year.

Eep…don’t like to think of no Internetz or HTMF. :astonished:

My 5 year-old in the snow:-)

Love the hat and yes I recognize your little one , she looks great.

Thank you, Justin:-)  She had a great day with snowman building and sledding. :smile:

My little guy showed his Newfoundland heritage today by insisting on shovelling. Now I just need to show him how to mow a lawn and I can relax!

You mean that God doesn’t have “snow days”? :imp:

Yes, they are Acts of God! 

Putting the kid to good use…

There’s an 11 year old out shovelling our driveway right now!  He just knocked on the door and asked my mom if he could shovel for us!  Sweet deal for me… I figured I’d be the one doing it when I got off work.

Is that not called Child Labour, Mig.? Make sure no one can see the Little man over the snow banks, someone will make the call.

Actually, the church was only half full today

Four times down my street in the past 2 days but yet I’ve seen other streets go untouched.